Dear Hero!

In this election year, no one would argue that the need for a well-informed citizenry is greater than ever. But there are millions of people in the United States with significant hearing difficulties, as well as a growing population of citizens who speak English as a second language, and with more and more U.S. citizens getting their news and public affairs information via television and the Internet, these populations are being systematically disenfranchised by their inability to consistently access accurate closed captioning services.

United States law now requires that closed captioning services be made accessible for all programming produced by streaming video services and must be provided by broadcasters for all content distributed across the Internet if captioned when originally presented on-air (although in many cases, closed captioning services are still not available for many programs). So, while the law mandates accessibility, the presence of any captions at all is limited, and those that are provided are frequently poor in quality and, unfortunately, sometimes misleading. For this reason, we’d like to introduce you to The Closed Captioning Project.

The Closed Captioning Project LLC is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the improvement and increased accessibility of closed captioned media. Below you can find a link to our YouTube channel featuring accurate captions generated by human beings, some juxtaposed with the poor-quality captions provided by machine captioning programs.

The Closed Captioning Project LLC believes the issues of greater accessibility, accuracy and transparency are not sufficiently addressed by machine-generated captions, which to date have proven to be incompetent at expressing not just nuance, but frequently even the basic meaning of the English language, or crowd-sourced captioning, which has a limited scope and is performed by enthusiastic and well-meaning volunteers but is without substantial oversight or quality control.

For this reason, we’d like to put The Closed Captioning Project LLC on your radar and ask you to examine how good closed captioning services provided by experienced professionals can be. Please take the time to check out our work, and if you have any feedback to share, we’d be delighted to hear from you.